Greg Downing

My name is Greg Downing and I am a licensed agent in Austin Texas. I specialize in Medicare, Individual Health, and Long Term Care Insurance solutions.

As an independent agent, I have helped hundreds of folks get the right plan at the right price, plus they get my expert service for FREE! That’s right FREE! When I help a client enroll in a plan, I am compensated by the insurance company. This compensation does not affect their premium or coverage at all. Folks are always surprised when I can save them money and all they had to do was ask for help.

Not only do I understand how plans work from an agent’s point of view, but more importantly from the consumer side. You see, my 91-year-old Dad has lived with me and my very patient wife for the last three years. As his caretaker, we visit a doctor or a hospital at least every other month for treatments ranging from Chronic Kidney disease, skin cancer, and knees injections. I also have him enrolled in an awesome Adult Day Care program at the AGE of Central Texas that provides social engagement and activities to keep him active.

Luckily my Dad understood the importance of having proper insurance in place for both his short term and long care needs. Without proper planning and the right coverage, I would not be able to provide my Father the care he needs and deserves.

I look forward to earning your trust and serving you.