Greg was great walking me through the Medicare and supplemental plans. He was very patient and very available! Now he's doing the same for my husband.  
- Jan Mumford Hirt


 I highly recommend Greg. He has helped me over the last 6 years determine what best fits my budget and needs. He is not only very knowledgeable, he is caring and sincere. I went through entering the Affordable Health Care period and finally into my Medicare period. Each year I reach out to him and his recommendations have proven exactly right for whatever my situation. And to top it off, his good humor takes the anxiety and drudgery out of the process and decision making.  
- BJ Dezelle


 Signing up for Medicare & all the extra plans that one might need is very confusing and stressfull to say the least! Having Greg walk me through all the various options and diligently explain the Pros & Cons was a delightful experience & relieved all the confusion & stress. I cannot recommend Greg highly enough. Do yourself a huge favour & contact him to help you gthrough the minefield. You will be so glad you did!  
- Torquil Creevy


 Over the years I have referred friends and clients to Greg for help with their individual health insurance and Medicare insurance options. Without exception, Greg is responsive and the feedback I get is always positive. He's very professional and committed to find the best solution.  
- Barry Couch


 Greg was super helpful! I hate numbers and was really stressed about finding a Medicare plan. He put things in such a logical order that I felt comfortable about my Medicare plan choice as well as a prescription drug plan. Only wish I’d talked to him sooner and saved myself some stressed time!  
- Peggy Anne Gallina


 When I first enrolled in Medicare I was overwhelmed by all the details for supplement plans, until a friend recommended Greg. He is completely professional, easy to talk to, and did a great job of establishing what kind of plans would be best for my particular situation and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each so that I could make my own decision about the plan I was most comfortable with. Now instead of dreading the "renewal season" each year, I don't hesitate to contact Greg for assistance.  
- Jude McMurry