Under 65 and need an affordable individual health insurance plan? I can help!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here to stay and offers more options and tax credits than ever.

I have received Healthcare Marketplace “Circle of Champions Award” seven years in a row by helping hundreds of clients enroll in an ACA plan and get a tax credit to help pay for it. With my expertise I can help you select a plan and see if you qualify for tax credits with ease.

If you can’t qualify for a tax credit or do not like the ACA plan options you may find a better solution with a short term medical plan.

What are the pros and cons of short term Major Medical plans?

Pros – Short term plans can be up to 40% less than an ACA plan and offer a national network allowing you to have access to thousands more healthcare providers without having to get a referral. Plans are next day effective, last up to 364 days, and you can have them for up to three years.

Cons – Short term plans are medically underwritten and not all individuals will qualify. Short term plans do not cover pre-existing conditions or preventive care.

My job is to give you accurate information on all plans available so you can make the best choice for you and your family. Don’t delay, call me today to get your plan in place (512) 656-9378.